Friday, December 16, 2011

New bedroom?

After careful consideration, Chris and I have decided to move the bedroom into the art room.  There are several reasons for this change:

1) It is a bigger room.  This means we will be able to get a bigger bed, which would not be possible in our current room.

2) We very rarely make any art in the art room.  It's basically just a big storage closet right now, and that's a silly waste of space.

3) The reason we didn't use it as our bedroom in the first place was the squeaky floor - which isn't an issue anymore!

It's so terrible!!
We've also decided that the front room (our current bedroom) will be Chris's office.  This way he can move his giant eyesore of a desk out of the living room and give us more space downstairs.  So I get a less cluttered living room, and he gets a room all to himself.  It's a win-win situation for everyone!
It is really difficult to get a good picture of this fabric - I promise it's even more amazing in person!
So let's talk about the new bedroom.  Our theme is sort of difficult to describe.  Ever since my aunt Pam gave me this fabric a few years back, I have wanted to create my bedroom around it.  But we also want to keep with the Explorer aspect of steampunk, especially since it will be right next to our map-centric bathroom.  So I figured that the easiest way to go about this would be to focus on the Victorian-era British occupation of India.  Rather specific, I know.  But I can picture it so very clearly in my head.  I want dark wood, colorful walls, lots of sheer draperies, and tons of throw pillows.  I've started a Pinterest inspiration board, so have a look at that to get a better feel for what I mean.

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