Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back Yard

Hello all!  It's been a while, I know, but there haven't been any renovations going on lately.  Because of this decorating drought, I thought it might be fun to feature some of the work we've been doing outside.

As you may or may not know, we've had two Bagsters full of bathroom debris sitting in the yard since last October.  Yeesh.  I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled.  But there is a reason they have been sitting for so long.  You see, when they were originally used, we didn't bother to look at the included instructions which stated that the Bagsters have to be within 16 feet of the road.  One of our Bagsters was much further than that.  Also, they are not allowed to have anything sticking up over the top, which both of ours did.  We didn't have organization in mind when filling them all those months ago.

So my mum, sister, aunt, and uncle came over to help with the Bagster situation and also to help me expand my vegetable garden.  I say that they helped me, but really they did all the work while I took pictures.  What can I say? I'm just not built for physical labor.  Here, check out our progress:

So now the Bagsters are down at the alley, ready for pick-up, and the vegetable garden is expanded and ready for vegetables. More pictures to come.

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