Monday, October 15, 2012

Kitchen Update - Week 2

When we left off last time, we had taken down the cabinets, paneling, and miscellaneous wood pieces and were ready to start getting serious!  We started by patching the holes in the main part of the kitchen so that the spackling paste would have plenty of time to dry.  

Meanwhile, I finished tearing down the wallpaper in the back area and primed the dark brown trim.

Kylie got bored, so she and Uncle Don tore up the carpet on the stairs.  Unfortunately, the stairs are not in such great shape and are going to have to be pretty heavily repaired.

Then we gave the back area its first coat of paint.  It looks better already!

Mum is camouflaged!
This should give you a feel for just how uneven our strange little house is:  it looks like the stove is crooked, but it isn't - it's totally level.  The wall itself is off-kilter!  It's like living in a fun house.

The whole house has been thrown into complete chaos.

We decided to move all the wall cabinets to the back of the kitchen so that we can put shelves up over the stove instead.  My dad had to help with this part - and he wore the perfect shirt.

Stay tuned tomorrow for week three!

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