Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kitchen Update - Week 4

Week four was mostly about finishing up the last of the painting.

Mum paints the windows.
I paint over the very last of the terrible pink paint!
Originally I had planned to paint the cabinets, but I was concerned it would be too much beige.  So we decided to leave them unpainted and tried to shine them up a bit.  Aunt Candy brought over some stuff called Liquid Gold that worked wonders.

I also started tearing up the floor.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it would be very easy to save this floor.  And I've got other plans for when we do the Big Kitchen Redo, so we've decided it would be easier to just put down linoleum tiles for now.  This awful stuff has to come up first, though.

So that's all I've got for now.  These first four weeks all took place in September.  We haven't been able to do anything yet in October due to very busy schedules, but hopefully we'll be able to get back to work this weekend.  From here on out, it's all pretty complicated stuff (at least in my book).  Here are the things we still need to do:

  • paint basement door with chalkboard paint
  • put down linoleum tiles
  • build custom cabinet/table out of reclaimed parts from the Centre Park Artifacts Bank
  • replace the countertop
  • put up baseboards, chair rail, and crown moulding
  • make curtains
  • turn weird closet alcove into a pantry
My goal is to have all this finished by November 18th - think we can make it?

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